5 Top Places To Visit In Florida

Florida is one of the most interesting states to visit in the entire United States. People are especially attracted to its warm weather during the winter along with its many attractions and cultural diversity. Located between the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico, Florida is famous for its amusement parks and many other attractions. The state offers the biggest selection of theme parks, aquariums, zoos and other family attractions to keep the entire family entertained. The following are some of the top places to visit in Florida.

Everglades National Park

This parks was created in 1947 after environmentalists were able to convince the government that this was a special area. The Everglades is the country’s second largest national park, with only Yellowstone National Park being larger.

The park is comprised of 1.5 million acres of subtropical swamp and marsh land. The river here flows out of Lake Okeechobee and offers an ideal environment for numerous wildlife including crocodiles, turtles and otters. The water ecosystems make this park ideal for wildlife watching boating trips.

Walt Disney World

Disney World is the most popular tourist attraction in Florida. This gigantic amusement park provides all of the Disney magic that people from all over the world absolutely love. The park offers things for not only children, but entire families and adults as well.

Children will have the opportunity to meet all of their favorite Disney characters like Mickey Mouse, while thrilling rides like the legendary Space Mountain will keep the adults entertained.

Universal Studios

Located in Orlando, Florida, Universal Studio is a working film and television studio in addition to being among the most popular U.S. amusement parks.

This park offers a broad range of experiences and rides that are themed and influenced by the films that Universal has released.

In addition to the wide selection of rides offered for every adventure level, the park also provides a large selection of restaurants, shopping and live entertainment.

Kennedy Space Center

Kennedy Space Center is a 140,000 acre site in Titusville, Florida, one hour from Orlando. It has been the site for some of America’s most momentous space shuttle launches in history.

Bus tours are offered to guests to visit the huge complex and see the various exhibitions and displays located at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Center.

Tickets are also available at times for viewing rocket launches.

The state of Florida is one of the most interesting and enjoyable states to visit, especially in the winter! So use this list as a guide to start planning your next trip to this amazing state.